Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New nose? Who knows?

Tomorrow morning I am having surgery. on my nose. Strange place for surgery, you might say...but yes, it's true. and NO, it is not a nose job, though my co-workers like to call it that. The official procedure is actually "Repair of saddle defect and stenosis with cartilage graft, Osteomy of Bony Pyrimid and Septoplasty". I'm sure you all know what that means. I know I do. Also, per surgeon's instructions, the only way I can wear glasses is if they are taped to my forehead. If you see me wearing sunglasses in this fashion, don't be alarmed, this is only normal.

I've posted some pictures (from both sides) above so that you all can say goodbye to my old nose...the one that forgot how to breathe and smell when I was younger. As soon as the swelling on my new nose subsides, I will introduce you to that one via pictures on our blog :)

Occasionally at work, we have food days to celebrate people's birthdays or their last day at the bank and I thought it was humorous today when a co-worker suggested we have a food day to say goodbye to my nose.

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  1. Wow, Julie! You are so funny. I'm praying for a great "procedure" (cuz I didn't want to type out whatever it is you're having done, and God already knows anyway) and looking forward to seeing the pictures of your new nose!


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