Sunday, July 19, 2009

Update on Julie's Nose

Well, it's been almost 3 months since the surgery. I went back this week for a check up. And here is the update. Pretty much since about a week after the surgery, I've been able to breathe about 90-95% of the time through the left side of my nose. However, I've only been able to breathe about 10-20% of the time out of the right side. Until the appointment this week, the doctor kept telling me to wait until about 3-6 months when it would be almost entirely healed. This week, however, he informed me that there is scarring in the right side, which is what is preventing me from being able to breathe. He wants to go back in (do another surgery), cut the scar and put in a splint (a small piece of plastic) to prevent the scarring from coming back. He will then take the plastic out (in his office) about 10 days later. He said the surgery would only take about 10 minutes and would not be nearly as intense as the previous surgery. I will not have to pay the fee for him again, but I will have to pay for anesthesia and the hospital fees again. Since, I have already met my deductible, I am praying that it will only be a small amount that we will have to pay. Though part of me just wants to not do the surgery and live with the scarring, I know that it would be better for me to go through with it. So it's currently scheduled for Thursday, August 6th. I would really appreciate if you all would pray with me that the surgery will be successful and that it won't be too expensive!

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