Sunday, July 19, 2009

We miss Canada!

We got back from a week in Canada last Sunday. Here are some pics from our journey.

We went with our friends, Eric and Nicole Anderson, and stayed in a timeshare, thanks to Nicole's gracious grandparents. It was absolutely beautiful.

On the way there (we drove up from Denver), we stopped at Glacier National Park. Chase and Nicole got in the freezing cold water for a swim. They almost died it was so cold.

This is a view from our balcony. There was an amazing slide (to our right) that provided loads of entertainment for us all week long.

Another view from our balcony (out to the right). Simply beautiful.

Famous Lake Louise. We hiked the mountain to the right. It was rough.

Our pre-hike picture. The water was such an amazing color.

This is in the middle of the hike. That is Lake Louise from the other side. You can see the famous hotel in the middle of the picture as well.

2 very tired people at the end of our hike. Although, at this point, we'd eaten at this really cool little teahouse at the top of the mountain.

A great group shot. We offered to take a picture for a large group of people in this same spot (with the ulterior motive of having them do the same for us). So we took their pic and then came and stood in position for ours. They were more than willing to take our picture as well, but just stared at us for a minute because we had not given them a camera. We all laughed about the miscommunication and blamed it on the strenuous hike.

After the hike, Nicole and I tried to get pretty for a visit to Banff! This was our first stop there - at a beautiful flower garden. Thank you for taking this girly picture with me Chase!

This was a fun river close to where we were staying. There was a supposed frisbee golf course near here, but we didn't really find it (or at least not until Nicole started to get eaten by mosquitos!)

While we were there, Nicole and Eric wanted to go on a separate date to celebrate their anniversary, which was while Nicole was in Sierra Leone. Chase and I decided we'd go out as well. Due to the lack of very many options, we ended up going to the same place. So we drove together and asked for separate tables. They ended up being right next to each other. We had a great time on our separate dates, despite being laughed at for our ridiculousness by all of the staff and even a few customers. Chase and I ordered this amazing appetizer (shown in pic above). It was focaccia bread with brie and garlic baked inside and this raspberry sauce on top. Delicious!

I included this picture so you could see how we spent a good majority of our time - relaxing and reading. We were all in need of a good break from our normal busy lives and this trip was perfect for that! We also played several games (of course I won most of them!) :)

Last story for you. We got up last Saturday around 3:30 to start our 20 hour drive back to Denver. We knew that we needed gas, but thought we'd just get some on our way out of town. The gas station was closed and the pump did not have a credit card option, so we kept going in hopes the next one would. Nope. Kept going again, this time all afraid we could run out of gas at any time. We eventually decided we couldn't go any further and would just have to wait for them to 7:00. We all laughed at our idiocy. Thankfully, the gas station owner showed up at 6:15 to save the day (or the morning anyway). We still made it back to Denver at about 1:30 am! Overall, we had a great time and are thankful to have had so much time to relax and enjoy with great friends! Thank you for sharing your vacation with us Andersons!


  1. good post and good trip! So glad we could make it with you all. I need to mail you your Nic book by the way...

  2. I talked to Nicole about your trip. It sounds like you guys had a great time! Hope you are doing well!

  3. Wow, looks like an awesome vacation. Canada has to be one of the loveliest places ever. Hope your surgery went great this morning and that it can really be over after this!


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