Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It's been over a month since I blogged and I'm feeling a little guilty about that...it always seems to get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, but I wanted to update you on our lives right now. I will list some things of note below:

1) Friday is my last day at Republic. I have loved working there and have been blessed by the people I worked with. More on that later. Chase will be working for 2 more weeks.

2) Saturday is the day we move out of our apartment. Wierd. At that point, we will be, to some degree, homeless. However, I am really looking forward to the next two months, as we will be traveling a lot, spending time with family, and staying with good friends in Norman.

3) Support raising is awesome. Hard, yes, but definitely awesome. We have seen God provide more than ever before for our needs (and we have seen him provide in some pretty amazing ways in the past!). We have met some of the most incredible people that we wish we had more time to get to know while we are here. This past weekend we were able to speak at Woodcreek (our home church) and meet with several people that day/evening we'd never met. And we were so blessed and encouraged by our time with them.

4) Good friends. Despite the business of working full-time, support raising full-time, and moving out of our apartment full-time, the Lord has totally blessed me recently with a lot of time to be with some of the girls that mean the most to me. Both Sami and Abby came up to Norman to visit me and my sweet husband let me have sleepovers with them. We also got to have dinner with Drew and Becca Saturday and see their adorable new house (and we got to stop in and see Sam and Jon's as well - which was mostly boxes, but I'm sure it will be adorable as well!) And we get to see Whit about once a week, which is always a great time. I will definitely miss living 8 minutes away from her.

So those are my thoughts for now. As mentioned above, we are moving out Saturday, so if anyone wants to stop by and help for a few minutes, take some stuff from the free hallway, give us a hug in case we are crying, or just say hello (and goodbye to our big fun apartment that is down to only one couch now), we would love it!


  1. I know it's hard/exciting at this time, but we're really excited for you guys to get here!!

  2. I know that you are already too far away from me... but I'm sad you're moving... because now you're going to be even farther. But I (we) also love you guys and are so excited for you!!


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