Friday, October 30, 2009

New York - September 11th - 16th

I figured since we call our blog "the traveling russells" for now, we should actually tell you about all of our travels, of which we have been doing quite a bit since we quit our jobs. Chase finished working at Midland Mortgage on September 10th, and the next day we flew to New York. That's right, we flew to NYC on September 11th. Thankfully, we had airline miles, so it was free...almost. I would think that flights would be really cheap on that particular day, but we each had to pay a service fee of $10. The only explanation for it we've come up with is that they may have a ton of extra security. Anyways, all was well with our flight.

We got to spend a lot of time with Chase's brother, Barry, and his wife, Tess - pre-baby! (though I was secretly hoping Hudson would come while we were there - he waited until a week after we left!)Barry got a hammock from a friend and put it on their 19th floor apartment - fun, but a little scary! Here's a picture of Barry relaxing with a cup of joe :)

We also got to see one of Chase's old roommates, Jon House. We went to the ING Direct (our online bank) coffeehouse, which was really fun! We also tried to find the "Fried Dumpling" - a great Chinese dumpling place in Chinatown, but when we got there (and it took us quite awhile to walk there), it was closed! We found another place, and it was pretty good. Walking back, we found a huge fair in the middle of Chinatown, and after seeing some fried oreos, which none of us had tried before, we decided to get some. Interesting experience, but not sure I'll get them again. It wasn't really worth the 1,000 calories it probably had in it!

We also were able to visit Michael Brown, a friend of mine from high school. Michael is a girl. Shocking, I know. This confuses everyone. But she's pretty great. Chase and I really enjoyed catching up with her and trying Korean food for the first time.

Speaking of trying foods for the first time, it seems we always do that in NY. Barry and Tess introduce us to some pretty exotic foods that we aren't bold enough to try on our own. On a previous trip, they took us to an Ethiopian restaurant. This time, we had Indian food (oddly enough, we'd never really had it before!)

In addition, we got to visit Jennie and Daniel Kenworthy, our friends from our church/community group in Norman. We really missed them over the last year in Norman and were so glad to see them again. The Kenworthys just make me smile. They're expecting a baby sometime in the beginning of 2010! I just love babies! There are tons of them being born right now! :)

Last but not least, we finally got to fulfill our life long dream. Well, not life long, but every time we visit NY, we say that we are going to rent a tandem bike and ride it through Central Park, and we never do. Since we are moving to Nicaragua and might not be visiting NY again very soon, we figured it was now or never. So we did it! Here's a picture of a tandem bike in case you haven't seen one. A lot of people stared at us, but we had a blast. It was difficult, especially on one particular hill, and we had to stop and buy a 3 dollar gatorade, but we made it!

So we got to see quite a few people in New York and really enjoyed the whole trip! Another great part about it was that I got to be there for a baby shower for Tess and I got to meet all of her friends. They were a really fun group of girls! While we were there, Chase and Barry went to a wine tasting with some of the husbands of the baby shower girls. Now, whenever we have wine (well, the one time we've had wine since then), Chase teaches me all of his new wine knowledge and tricks (ex. swirl the red wine so it can breathe/oxidize). That's actually about all he learned. He still can't tell the difference between "Old World" and "New World" but he uses the word "tannic" more often now.

Anyways, we had a great time in New York and will definitely miss our almost yearly trips to visit Barry and Tess and our other friends there! Now, they will just all have to come visit us in Nicaragua!

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  1. Sounds like fun! Way to fulfill your lifelong dream! ;)


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