Saturday, November 7, 2009

October - a busy month!

At the beginning of October, we went to visit my Grandpa in Olney, Illinois with my mom. From there we also went to visit my cousin Cindy and her family and also my Uncle Mike and his son Adam in Chicago. On the way back from Chicago to Southern Illinois, we stopped at a pumpkin patch in Arthur, Illinois, where Chase's old roommate (Craig) used to work in high school.

Back at my Grandpa's, we got to take a drive with my mom to see things from her childhood, including her elementary school, and we also got to go see my Grandpa's farm. He was a farmer his whole life and he has over 100 acres of farmland now, though he can't work it himself anymore.
My Grandpa lives write on a lake and we got to enjoy a day in his pontoon boat! This is him with his wife Barbara.

We spent the next 2 weeks in Norman, continuing to meet with people to share with them about our ministry. We got to meet with several different groups of kids in Wildwood's children ministry and we are excited to have them partnering with us! They even paid for our plane tickets down here! We also had a going away party in Norman and got to spend time with the people we love (and now miss a lot!). We also said goodbye to our community group, who have been some of our closest friends for the last 2 1/2 years in Norman.

Then on Sunday October 18th, it was Chase's last day to play piano at Wildwood, which was really sad for him. He loved serving in that way and will really miss both playing and the team. That night, though, we got to go to the U2 concert, which was so awesome! We went with Whitney, Chase's sister, and her roommate (and our friend) Kelly. Great concert buddies!

So we officially left Norman on Monday October 19th and were in Dallas for a few days before going to Abilene on the 22nd to visit Chase's Uncle Roger and Aunt Terri. We also got to see Laura Mauldin, now Laura Wilder - a friend from youth group at Woodcreek. The next day we picked up my mom and drove to Austin to visit my cousin Bria, and her husband Shaun, and their two kids, Noah and Dylan. My Aunt Peggy, Uncle Joe, and cousin Michelle also came in town from Houston. Shawn has his own restaurant on 6th Street in Austin called Parkside (, so we got to go there on Saturday night to celebrate Dylan's 2nd birthday and my mom's 60th.

After Austin trip #1, we went back to Dallas for a few days, and even Norman for a day to say Goodbye to the Millers (who were on their honeymoon when we left Norman). The Millers are wonderful. We played Settlers of Catan with them for old times' sake.

On the 29th, we went to San Antonio to visit Chase's grandparents for a day and then back for Austin trip #2 to see Chase's side of the family (Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins) for the weekend. We also got to see Matt and Shannon Blackwell and their 3 little guys (our jr. high and high school youth pastor) - it was great to catch up with all of them!

And this brought us to the end of October. Busy month. Lots of miles driven. Lots of fantastic people.

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  1. I really enjoy the pictures you post, as well as the update, of course! :)


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