Saturday, November 7, 2009

September 17-30

So we flew home from New York on September 16th and drove to Atlanta, Georgia on the 17th. We stayed with my Aunt Sue and Uncle Tom (my dad's sister) in Villa Rica for a few days. Apparently Villa Rica claims to have the oldest gold mine in the U.S. even though it is not official. We also got to spend time with their son, TomE and his wife Laura and their two boys, Caleb and Ethan.

From there, we got to visit Discover Church in Greenville, SC. One by One, the ministry we work with in Nicaragua, came from Discover. We really enjoyed our time there and felt challenged by the message and encouraged by the leadership. Discover is serious about sharing Christ with people who've never heard and utilizing the talents of the body of believers. We stayed with the youth pastor, Matt and his wife, Ashley and we really enjoyed getting to know them!

From there, we actually drove to Disneyworld! My Aunt Sue and Uncle Tom have a timeshare there and wanted to give us a night's stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Though we didn't actually go into the parks, we loved the Lodge! There were animals right outside our balcony!

We went from Disneyworld to Fort Myers, FL to visit my Grandma and Uncle Ray. It was great to spend time with them since we hadn't in awhile. While we were there, we learned that Hudson Taylor Russell was born in New York to Barry and Tess and we became an aunt and uncle again!

Then we drove from Florida back to Atlanta, but this time to Peachtree City, GA to visit Scott and Stephanie Goodspeed and their 3 adorable children. Scott used to be the College Pastor at Wildwood and their oldest daughter Chelsea, was a flower girl at our wedding. Peachtree City is one of the few "pathway communities" in the U.S., meaning everyone owns a golf cart and drives around on the 95 miles of pathways throughout the city. It felt surreal. Like we were a part of a movie.

From there we drove back to Dallas and spent the rest of September there! (Well, except for a day trip to Norman where Chase played the piano and we picked up some stuff to take to Dallas.

Overall, much fun was had in September. And even more in October...

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