Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We never cease to find things about Nica life and culture that amuse us.  I think the point at which we stop finding things in Nicaragua funny is the point at which Americans will begin to label us as weird (if they haven’t already done so!)

One of the latest things we have been noticing is a vehicle called a “microbus”.  The name alone seems a contradiction, like “tiny giant” or “tricycle Mack truck”.  As you may have guessed, it is a small vehicle, but it really pretends to be a big van.  Julie calls it a shortbus—we think it’s funny that it’s shorter in length than our old 2-door Honda Civic and not much taller, not to mention that the wheels on it might even be smaller.

IMG_0076 I guess the funniest thing about the microbus is that proportionally it’s the same as its larger cousin (almost like a miniature Schnauzzer) and so it’s strange to see it pass through an intersection next to other cars that dwarf it.

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