Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Recent Kids Services

We wanted to share some pictures of the kids from our Saturday morning services with you!

IMG_0018 Julie’s view during the services (I’m the slides person!)


Pastor Antonio’s daughter with her bunny, who is named “Jeremias”after Jeremy!


Some of the House of Hope ladies and Ileana with Addy Havlin (Jeremy and Jessica’s baby who was born the day we moved to Nicaragua)


Some sweet little Nica girls


Isn’t this boy precious?


I love loving on the kids. They’re so sweet and desire so much to be loved. IMG_0592

This is the line for snacks after the youth service one Saturday evening. We usually have cokes and chips or cookies for them. IMG_0655

Here is Chase and I in front of our office (which is being painted blue tomorrow!) IMG_0671

Just love them. IMG_0703

  Chase came over and asked me to come and get this little girl in pink who was crying by the soccer game. I got her, held her and tried to make her smile. She would not smile. No matter what. Tickling, silly faces, nothing worked. Until I pulled out the camera. Then she was all smiles.IMG_0723

Tug of War is a much loved game before the services. IMG_0736Here is Chase in action during the service as the “Chef”. It’s hard for Nicaraguans to say (and remember) Chase’s name. So for awhile a few of them just called him “Chef”, which comes out as “Tchef” as opposed to “Shef” if that makes sense. It’s pretty funny.

Well, we hope you enjoyed these pictures! 


  1. Those kiddos are adorable. And they are so blessed to have you and Chase in their lives.

  2. So glad that you use ProPresentor!


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