Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Viva Spanish

So we have been taking classes since we arrived in Nicaragua at Viva Spanish School. We started at 20 hours a week (so intense!), went down to 10 after the Christmas break, and just recently have gone down to 4 hours a week so that we can be more involved with Camino de Vida. Since we started, we have had probably 8 different professors (they switch off every week), but consistently, we have had Armando almost every day.

Armando speaks English and is a really nice guy (he remembered what day we were getting back to Nica after Christmas and texted us to say welcome back!) who has been helping us a little bit with our car search. It seems that he is always keeping an eye out for the kind of car we are looking for, and a few times, he has taken cars for a test drive, and even bargained a lower price for us (although he told the guy it was for his Nica father who couldn't come because he was sick!) When we've asked about his religious beliefs, we've gotten mixed messages, although we are fairly certain he is not a believer. We've invited him to church and a church event, but so far he has been unable to attend. We're praying that Armando would trust Christ and that we would be sensitive to however the Spirit wants to use us! We will probably be taking a few weeks off from classes as we will have several visitors in March, but pray for us that we would continue to pursue our friendship with Armando and that God would be glorified through it.

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  1. Keep up the good work on the Spanish! I bet you and Chase sound so legit. Also, I just noticed that you have the Managua weather report posted on this blog. :) Cool.


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