Monday, March 22, 2010

Big enough

Sunday after church, Chase and I had the opportunity to tour House of Hope with Scott and Sarah Winn, and Lesa, Arica, and Melody. Jana and Glen were kind enough to show us around and share with us the heartaches and hopes of the women who live there. The harvest is plentiful and the laborers few, but I know and trust that my God is big enough.

Every Saturday morning a truckful of ladies and little girls from House of Hope come and serve in our children's services. I love this because while many of them have met Christ and been served by others during their time at House of Hope, we are providing them an opportunity to serve and give back. One of the brightest moments of each week is when the truck pulls up and and I get to hold and tickle and love on these sweet little girls and tell them that they are loved and they are daughters of the King. And while I can never provide all that they need, I know that my God can and He is big enough.

Although I knew vaguely these girls histories, I learned more about them during the tour. And to be completely honest, part of me does not want to know the stories. It breaks my heart and I hate imagining them back in the dark corners of the filthy rooms being sexually abused by these horrible, sick men, often having been forced there by their own mothers, fathers, or siblings. But then I remember that these men and these family members need Jesus just as much as these girls do. And also I'm thankful that this is not my story. And I'm reminded of the hope these girls, my friends, have now. But also I remember the thousands, probably millions, more women and children who are still living this wretched, undesirable life around the world. And then all I can do is pray and trust the Lord. And I remember that my God is big enough.

Diana is new to House of Hope. She has just turned 8 years old and has the sweetest smile, the most vibrant personality, and gives the biggest hugs! It's hard to believe that less than a month ago she was living on the streets. For the past several months, her sister had been selling her to different men each night for anywhere between 50 cents and 2 dollars and 50 cents. My heart continues to break for her even as I write this, but at the same time, I praise God that she has a new home and He has freed her from what could have been a life of ongoing hopelessness and despair. And now I pray that she would be in Christ a new creation, that she would know that He has redeemed her. I am thankful that He can make all things new, that He can work all things together for good, and that He allows the old to pass away and the new to come! Please join me in praying for my sweet new friend Diana and for all that the Lord has in store for her at Casa Esperanza. Though I feel broken by this world and what it has dealt Diana thus far, I am thankful because my God, he is big enough.


  1. Amen Julie. For He is big enough. Won't Heaven be so wonderful when there is no sin, pain or hurt? Only the knowledge of His presence and glory.

  2. Holy rage... and deep sorrow. Thank you for sharing; we will be praying.

  3. We are praying. God's kingdom on earth is deposing the kingdom of evil that's so obvious in things like this. Praise him for rescuing these girls!!! We will stand in the gap with you!!!

  4. Oh I just want to scoop her up and take her home! What a precious little thing, how could anyone look at her as something to exploit? I continue to be so proud of you guys and thankful for God's love through you for these sweet little ones.

  5. Thankfully she is under the tender care of the Great Physician! Praying for her complete healing.


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