Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 3 – Tools and Progress

IMG_0478Today Tracy and Dave finished enclosing the roof! Here’s a picture of Dave working hard on the roof (although, I think he was also working on his tan!)

IMG_0480 Dave, Pastor Antonio, and Tracy in front of their masterpiece. We are all impressed and thankful for their hard work and willingness to serve and be a part of our ministry!

IMG_0482Jacksel (Drummer Oscar’s son) and Marcos (Pastor Antonio’s son) playing with construction materials. They were trying to karate chop the wall board (perhaps because of the Ninjas skit that Chase did a few weeks ago at the kids service). They were unsuccessful, as was Chase in the skit!

IMG_0484 Today we got to eat lunch with Pastor Antonio and Isidro, a man who has been very involved in our ministry and helps out with various projects at our church throughout the week.

IMG_0492 The tools have arrived! Thank you for all of you who were praying, especially the body of Woodcreek church! Chase and Tracy went to the airport a little while ago to pick up the missing box of tools. Now they can use a circular saw to cut the wall board instead of the 3 step process they have been doing, including perfecting the edges with a machete!

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