Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fiesta de Vida Service

IMG_1236The kids service on Saturday went so well! We planned for 300 kids, as we’ve only been having around 200-250 recently and we found out about 30 minutes before the service that there might be closer to 400 kids! Praise the Lord! (but uh oh, we don’t have enough presents for all the kids!) It ended up working out, but we did have to improvise a bit. We ended up giving the last 50 kids a bag of candy and a salvation bracelet, which, thankfully they were happy with. IMG_1238 With so many more kids, we were also worried about behavior control during the service, but again, God showed us that He is the one in control, as the kids were better behaved than they normally are! We showed 2 videos – one of the death of Christ, and one of the resurrection. And again, the kids were all watching, paying attention, and afterwards, said that it was one of the best parts of the service. God is so good and He is capturing the hearts of these precious kids! IMG_1235In addition to celebrating what Christ did for us on the cross, the “party” was beach-themed. During Semana Santa, most of Nicaragua goes to the beach, but most of our kids can’t afford to go, so we decided to bring the beach to them! Drummer Oscar let us have a few of the palm tree leaves from his yard to decorate the stage (see the pic below to see how we got them!), we colored pictures of palm trees, had pictures of the beach, and we even played the sound of the ocean in the background. We had a beach ball game as well. Overall, the kids seemed to really enjoy our fun celebration of Holy Week! Pray that the seeds planted will continue to grow and that the salvation bracelets we gave them would be a reminder of Christ’s love and sacrifice for them.IMG_1197

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