Sunday, March 21, 2010

March – the month of visitors!

This month has been the month of visitors and we are loving it! We feel so honored and blessed by all of our guests! Tracy and Dave came March 1-9! (You got to see lots of blogs about their trip and all the work they did to serve us while they were here!) beckett and carThen on March 10, Linda Geist, Kristina’s mom, came to visit until the 18th. Beckett loved having first Grandad and then Grandma here to visit him! He especially loves this new toy Grandma brought him for his birthday!

IMG_1020 Yesterday, Scott Winn (Woodcreek Missions Pastor) and his daughter, Sarah, came and will be here through the 22nd to hang out with David and Kristina and us and see our ministries and lives here. And then today Lesa Engelthaler, Arica Thompson, and Melody Timinsky came in! They are here to work with House of Hope as a vision trip to hopefully bring a group of ladies from Woodcreek here in the future! IMG_1009 This morning Scott and Sarah came with us to the kids service and it was so fun for them to see our ministry and meet our friends/co-workers at Camino de Vida. And then tonight, the ladies joined us at the youth service. Here is a picture of Arica with Alma in her adorable yellow dress.


We had ice cream bars for the kids after the youth service and Lindley got it all over herself, her dress, and the floor, and still she was cute as ever. (see below picture!) Melody was kind enough to help her clean up and de-stickify her hands and the floor!

IMG_1015Lindley is one of the three children of Oscar and Arlen. It has been such a blessing to get to know this family as they are passionate about serving the Lord and seeing kids come to know Christ. They don’t have much, but what they do have, they use to honor God! They spend many hours each week volunteering at our church so we wanted to bless them. The  Woodcreek ladies were kind enough to bring several things for this family, including clothes, shoes, blankets and toys for each of the 3 kids and the 4th who is on the way. Thank you ladies for your generosity!

IMG_0201And finally, here is Lindley (2), with her brothers Jacksel (6) on the left and Ronnie (4) on the right. I have fallen in love with these children and this sweet family. And I can’t wait to meet their baby girl, Sidney Kathleen, somewhere around May 31st!

March is a good month. We are looking forward to the next few days with our friends from Woodcreek and we are so grateful for every one who has, is, or is going to take the time and spend the money to come to Nicaragua and be a part of our lives here. Seriously, we are so blessed.

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