Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 1 - The Project Has Begun

Tracy and Dave arrived safely last night with all but one suitcase, which, unfortunately is the one that had the tools they brought with them! Hopefully it will come in later today, but for now, they are making do with what they have. IMG_0088Here is the before shot of the “room” which is not a room yet, but soon will be! These glass panes are constantly being broken by kids playing soccer before the service so we are not sad to see them go!

IMG_0378And go they have! Within the first hour of being here, all glass was removed from the area. Tracy and Dave are working hard, along with Pastor Antonio.

IMG_0382 They are removing this section of concrete to create a doorway into the office.

IMG_0383 This project must be intense! That is an impressive break on the yellow hammer!

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