Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Semana Santa

This week in Nicaragua, it is "Semana Santa" or Holy Week and pretty much everyone has off of work (including us!) and pretty much everyone heads to the beach (including us!). The Nica Russell household was invited to join Karel and Myra Norman and their girls to stay at a house right on Lake Nicaragua (Below you'll see the view from our bedroom window - the lake is our backyard!) And if that wasn't cool enough, the house is absolutely amazing! It has 4 huge bedrooms, tons of space, the kitchen is fully equipped, there is A/C in the bedrooms, there's an amazing patio with hammocks (where I took the picture from the top), there's wi-fi and a skype cell phone, there are horses to ride on the beach, we are almost totally alone, I could go on and on. And the BEST PART is that it is totally FREE! All of it! You might be wondering how we got this incredible deal! Well, Karel knows a guy who works with "Campo Alegria", which is a summer camp for mission teams, churches, non-profits and Nicaraguan kids living in poverty. When they don't have teams here, they offer their guesthouse (the amazing one described above) to missionaries in Nicaragua to provide them a place of rest and peace. How cool is that? We are so excited to spend the next couple of days here with Dave, Kristina, and the Norman family!

Other plans for the rest of my Semana Santa vacation include 1) me learning to drive a stick 2) catching up on blogging - there are a lot of great things I want to tell you about (all 3 or 4 of you who read our blog!) 3) reading 2 books: When Helping Hurts (which the Woodcreek ladies brought for us) and Escaping the Devil's Bedroom, which is about human trafficking around the world and 4) enjoying time with my amazing husband, Dave, Kristina and Beckett, and friends we are getting to know! Spring Break, I've missed you the last couple years, but I am so glad you are back!!!


  1. Wow! What a great Spring Break! :)

    Chris tried to teach me to drive stick once. It was fun, until I got stuck on a hill and had to get out and let him drive the rest of the way! Haha!

    Love you guys!

  2. So fun Julie! What a blessing! Any way possible we can chat this week via the phone or Skype?


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