Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunshine Award

sunshine awardSo, on March 4th, my friend Anna Miller, from her blog Your trash, My treasure awarded me the sunshine award, which seems to be an acknowledgement of blogs that inspire you, or that you enjoy reading. So, even though it’s a little late, I will continue to pass on the award to…

 One by One Nicaragua – I know I work with this ministry (and even write for the blog a few times a week), but I don’t think there’s any rules! Check it out for interesting information about Nicaragua, our ministry, and even fun videos and pictures!

Straightforward Digressions – a blog written mostly by my friend Nicole (her husband sometimes pretends that he is also an author!). I love to read it since I can’t be in Denver with her. She is a great friend and the most passionate teacher I’ve ever met. I feel like she loves to teach more than anyone should love any job they have. Want proof? Read her most recent blog.

Miller Time – Anna and Eric Miller. Some of our best friends in Norman, OK. We miss walking through life with them (especially when Anna and I worked at the same bank and occasionally got paid to have some great heart to hearts!) but I am glad we can keep up with them through both this blog and Your Trash, My Treasure, which I also highly recommend. Can you give the award back to the blog who gave it to you?

The Nicaragua Russells – The original ones anyways! Also known as our roommates (and our family!) Even though we live with them, it’s fun to read their blog to see pictures and life here from their perspective! Check out this blog if you want to see one of the two cutest babies in the world! (The other one, Hudson, lives in New York and has not convinced his parents to start a blog about him yet!)

Somewhat Abbynormal – Abby is without a doubt, the best writer in the world. If I read her blog and anyone is around, I ALWAYS, read it again out loud to the person nearby. It’s just that good. Abby is one of my favorite people in the world, in part due to her intense passion for relationships, ministry, and living life to the fullest, but maybe also because I never have enough time with her. I always want more. Which is why I am trying to convince her to move to Nicaragua with me. My favorite is called “A little girl” from October 20th, 2008.

Big City Small World – Jennie and Daniel. From Norman to New York. Love keeping up with their life despite the distance. Love that they live so close to Chase’s brother Barry and family so we get to see them at least once a year! And love their new sweet little girl Addie.

Never be lacking in zeal… – Megs in China! I went to John Brown University with Megan and now she lives in China. It’s so fun to read about her ministry there, learning the language (I’ve tried, and it’s so hard!), and what life is like in China.

Feet Stained Red – Another friend from JBU, Sarah. Sarah lived in Sierra Leone for a year and has taken several summer trips to go back. Her heart, though she comes back to the States each time, has stayed behind in Sierra Leone. So she will be staying in SL after her trip this summer and then will be joining COTN (Children of the Nations) staff in Washington to continue making a difference in the lives of Sierra Leonians.

on earth as it is in Heaven. – All the other blogs are people I know personally. This one is not. But I promise if you read her blog, you will rethink things.You will be inspired to change your life. To abandon all for Christ. And you’ll probably cry. You can read her story in her February 11th post. Instead of going to college, she moved to Uganda and has since adopted 14 children. Wow. Her blogs are long, but absolutely worth your time.

So these are the blogs that bring sunshine into my days. Mostly because they are written by people that I love so much.

To accept you must:

1. Post the logo on your lovely blog.

2. Pass it on to other bloggers who bring sunshine into your day

3. Link the bloggers to your blog and make sure they know they received the award!!

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  1. i miss you Julie. a lot.:) we are praying for you and look forward to when we can see you again. thank you for loving Jesus and serving him so faithfully.


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