Sunday, April 4, 2010


I don’t have many dreams, but I used to dream about being a photographer for National Geographic. I realize that to do this sort of job, you have to have some photographic talent, which I don’t. Thus ended that dream. However, I do love to take pictures. Even if I have to take 1000 to get one good one. Even though the phrase “capture the moment” is cheesy, that’s exactly what a picture does. And moments are so fun to revisit. I love it when the screensaver comes on because it takes me back. Back to picking peaches in Oklahoma. Back to sailing through beautiful icebergs in Alaska. Back to high school prom with Chase. Back to dressing as an M&M for Halloween (or better, as old people). Pictures capture memories. They also tell stories and invoke emotions. And they cause people to appreciate beauty. I don’t know that much about taking great pictures, but I guess I’m trying to teach myself. IMG_1024It seems that color would be of pretty obvious importance in a great picture. I love the many colors from the Nicaraguan market above. IMG_1036Also, Scott Winn told us when he was visiting recently that depth in a picture is really important. So I attempted to take a great shot of my delicious coffee drink (with the creative straw wrapper art – these baristas don’t mess around!)mercado oriental girl And I learned from Whitney (who took photography classes) that pictures are in thirds, not halves like one might think. So above and below are my attempts to have the object of focus in the right and then left thirds of the photos, consecutively.tree And then there is photoshop. Or Paint Shop Pro, if you can’t afford Photoshop. Chase is an expert at Paint Shop Pro, while I am merely acquaintances with this program that can take almost any picture and make it beautiful. The tree above has been touched up a little using PSP. Chase says I need to learn to use this program well if I want great pictures. He’s probably right.IMG_1379 And here’s another attempt to capture both depth and beauty. I think textures must be important as well. I like the details on these blades of grass.

What do you think of my “artsy” pictures? Do you have any photo-taking advice for me? Anything new I can try while I attempt to “capture the moment” or tell a great story through only an image? Any special tricks you have for taking pictures that you love? I’d love for you to share!


  1. My favorite is the photo of the little girl. You captured some cool lighting, and the framing looks really good!

  2. I like very much, especially the nina! I agree with Jaimie that the lighting is great! You should print and frame it for your office!


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