Friday, April 9, 2010

Costa Rica, here we come!

Our 3-year wedding anniversary is coming up (yay tax day!) and it’s also time for Chase and I to renew our traveler’s visas to stay in Nicaragua. While we could renew them once in-country for about $70ish dollars, we decided to buy bus tickets for just a few dollars more and head on down to Costa Rica! We leave Sunday morning and will stay in San Jose (the capital) the first night. The next morning we will take another bus to Manuel Antonio, which is a beautiful town on the beach, but also has an incredible natural reserve. Here are some pics I found so you can get excited about it too! We are considering doing something awesome, like a canopy tour, snorkeling, or biking down a canyon, but haven’t decided yet. We may just hike, swim, and enjoy the cooler weather (it’s been so hot here the last couple days!) and each other. We feel like such adults, as this is our first time to go to a foreign country completely alone. We’ll let you know how it goes!  8529 14 16


  1. Sounds like great fun! Have a WONDERFUL time!
    We love you!


  2. Looks beautiful! Happy anniversary! Have a great time with eachother...

  3. cant wait to see your picutres!! love you lots praying for you guys!


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