Friday, April 2, 2010

Sidney Kathleen

IMG_1247Last Saturday, we had a shower for Arlen. Arlen and her husband, Oscar, are really involved in our ministry and we have fallen in love with them and their adorable children (Jacksel, Ronnie, and Lindley). They have a fourth on the way, another girl – Sidney Kathleen (named after Katie Loos, another One by One staffer!) and we wanted to celebrate with them for this precious life on the way.  IMG_1259IMG_1266  




Jessica Havlin (our director’s wife) couldn’t be there, but she made this delicious cake for the occasion! Aren’t you impressed by Ileana’s great cake-cutting skills? I’ve seen my mother-in-law do the circle in the middle thing, but I’ve never seen the outer circle done this way before! I was way impressed. In addition to the cake, we had pinolillo, which is a classic Nica drink, made using corn flour (interesting, I know). Ileana made it for us, and all the Nicaraguans loved it, but Katie, Chase and I were less than impressed. It’s not so different from what I would imagine dirt mixed with water would taste like. But I’m glad that everyone else enjoyed it and we got to try something new and Nica!


It’s interesting because in Nicaragua, it is not custom to open your gifts at a birthday party – you take them with you and open them later. We all knew this so we asked Arlen if she wanted to wait and open them later or open them now and she said whatever we want. All the other ladies in the room said now because they wanted to see all the cute baby girl things, so open them she did! She got a lot of great things, including clothes, diapers (some cloth, some disposable), stuffed animals, a wash tub, bottles, and a sling. It was fun to be able to celebrate her and little baby Sidney (who I can’t wait to meet in 2 months!). I wish you all could meet her and her family! You would just love them.

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