Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New look?

We're trying out new things with the look of our blog and we need some honest feedback. How do you like what it looks like right now compared to what it has looked like? Is it easier to read or harder? Is there anything about how our blog is laid out that is distracting or any features you would like to see added, subtracted, or moved?


  1. You should probably eliminate the blogger bar with the current design, since the white bar stretches to the top and interrupts the transparent bar in an odd way.

    The CSS:
    #navbar-iframe {
    display: none;

    You could probably get a better general layout using the new layout editor, as well. The main criticism I would offer of this look is that it's too narrow. That said, I like the shadow outside the main area, and the background image is a good one.

    The main header description text should probably be one or two points larger. The date font, too. I can read the main text fine, but it's small enough that people with higher resolutions might have a hard time, so you might bump that up a bit (and if so, probably the post title font size as well).

    The sidebar looks great, and I like the color scheme a lot; it works really well. The only change in that regard I might suggest would be the "hover" color for sidebar links: another blue, or a green, might work better with this background image.

    I like the direction you're going!

  2. I love the background picture. I think you should change the title font b/c that can make a big difference.

  3. great! thanks for y'all's feedback! i'll definitely take a closer look at all of those things.


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