Wednesday, May 26, 2010

¡Por Fin!

IMG_2885 This is a great picture. Want to know why? Because it is just moments before we leave the hospital. While I was taking it, Chase was naming it “Por fin” or “finally”. Hopefully we won’t be back for a long time. When we got in the car, Oscar said “I’m not going to say anything” (in Spanish of course). He said this because when we left the hospital after Sidney was born, he talked about how much he hated the hospital and how he wasn’t ever going to go back. He also said this after Lindley was born 2 years ago. Little did he know, he actually would return to the hospital many times after such bold statements. Chase and I know a bit about this practice of eating our “nevers”. We said that we would never work in children’s ministry. Our current titles are “Children’s Ministry Directors”. Funny how that works. Have you ever had to eat your “nevers”?

IMG_2889Ronnie, Lindley, and Jacksel were so glad to have their mommy home! Although Lindley is struggling a bit – Arlen thinks she is jealous of all the attention Sidney’s getting (the attention that she is not getting quite as much of anymore). She has been “mad” at me the last couple days and I thought she was just worried that her mom was gone or that she was associating me with the hospital since I was with her there when she was getting her cast. But I think Arlen might be right. She loves Sidney, “her princess”, as she calls her, but she doesn’t much like sharing her position as the only princess in the house. When I was leaving, she still seemed to be “mad” at me, but right before I got in the car, Oscar brought her out and she gave me a “besito” (kiss) on the cheek, a major improvement from her refusal to be near me the last few days! 

IMG_2897And here is sweet baby Sidney with her big sister. All of her tests came back clear. The pneumonia is gone. Her blood and x-rays look great. We serve a great God, don’t we? It’s cool to see Him provide for and meet the needs of His children.

IMG_2899 And here is Sidney with her mom and Grandma who came down from Matagalpa to help take care of the other kids while Arlen was at the hospital. Arlen was very grateful to have her here, but even more grateful that the Lord worked it out for her to leave the hospital today, as she knew her mom would be leaving today and she wasn’t sure what to do with the kids at that point.

So, for now, all is well for Arlen and Oscar. God has been answering your prayers and when I told Arlen that many of our friends and family were praying for them, she asked me to pass along her gratitude. Also, Arlen today was night and day difference from Arlen yesterday. Yesterday she couldn’t stop crying; discouragement, frustration and exhaustion were written all over her face. Today, she couldn’t stop smiling; her joy and delight to be with her family again, to have a real bed again was found in her laughter. I pray that she sleeps well tonight. I asked Oscar today how to best pray for their family now and he asked that the Lord would keep them all healthy. An appropriate request, I think, after the last few weeks.

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  1. yay! Thanks for sharing the great news! As far as nevers go... ha! Oh, let's see there's the classic "I'll never date long-distance" quote :)


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