Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Praying for the ministry

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Most of you know, but the name of our organization as a whole is “One by One” but the name of our church here in Nicaragua is “Camino de Vida” or “Way of Life”. Today, we are restraining from watching TV as we read through Colossians 2 and pray for the ministry as a whole. We would greatly appreciate if you would join with us in petitioning the Lord for these specific prayer requests.

  • - The Lord continually reminds us that we are reliant on Him to give us our daily bread. Please pray that He would provide for all of the financial needs of the ministry, especially for those of us who will be raising support this summer in the States – both for the ministry and our personal financial needs.
  • - We want to hear from the Holy Spirit. We know that this is not our church – It is Gods and He is in control. Pray that we would listen for the voice of the Spirit and follow through in obedience in what He wants us to do, no matter what the cost.
  • - Pray that God would continue to develop us each as leaders in our specific ministries. We are not perfect, but we desire to serve the Lord and see His name lifted high in Nicaragua. We always want to be improving in how we lead our ministries.
  • - Pray specifically for Jeremy Havlin, as he aids the One by One staff in developing their leadership skills and mentors us in each of our ministries. Pray for supernatural strength and rest as he is speaking each week at both our kids and youth services, on top of the many other things he has on his plate!

Thank you for laboring with us in Nicaragua through prayer! We are grateful for your partnership and your desire to serve One by One, and ultimately the Lord, in this way.

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