Saturday, May 8, 2010

Praying for Nuévete

some of the youth Join us today in praying for Nuévete, our youth service. We have about 30-40 youth coming each week and they are excited about being there and inviting their friends and neighbors. Last week the bus was a little later than normal picking the kids up from the neighborhood so about half of them walked the 45-60 minute walk to the church so they wouldn't miss out!

Please join us in praying and fasting for these youth, today we are fasting sweets and reading through Ephesians 2. Please pray for the following things:
  • The leaders of Nuévete: Jeremy and Ileana
  • Although the youth are inviting friends and enjoy coming, they're still youth and a hard crowd, please pray that we will continue to see the fruits of this ministry through changed lives
  • That we can continue to show the love of Christ to these youth
  • Many of the youth come from troubled homes, please pray for their family lives
  • We're at the end of a series called Chat talking about communicating with God, please pray that the youth will understand this message
Thank you for joining us in praying for our youth in Nuévete today!

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