Monday, May 17, 2010

Sidney Kathleen has arrived!


It’s 1:00 AM and I’m exhausted, so this will be quick, but I just wanted to share some quick pics from the hospital tonight. We went to see Arlen this afternoon and things seemed to be moving slowly – we were all thinking that she would give birth tomorrow, but she went into labor and had the baby just a couple hours later. She was only in labor for 45 minutes – I guess Sidney was just ready to enter this world!

IMG_2652 Arlen said she has Oscar’s feet because they are so big! (It’s blue because they do a footprint to identify the baby, I think.)

IMG_2675  This was my first time to hold a baby on its first day of life! Such a sweet blessing. I couldn’t help but praise her Creator for doing such a great job with her! She’s perfect!

IMG_2682 Mom and daughter. I think this is my fave. Sidney is doing so well – she is completely healthy. Arlen is having some pain and a lot of blood (which may be normal, I don’t know) so continue to pray for her and that her body would heal quickly! She’ll be taking care of 4 kids again starting tomorrow! Praise God for a healthy, quick birth tonight!

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  1. Please extend by congratulations to Oscar, his wife, and family. Seeing a brand new one (especially your own) is a true miracle of life! ...and each one is such a different experience and each baby already has their own unique personality already. It's truly amazing.



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