Thursday, May 13, 2010

an unexpected sleepover

Last night, we had Ronnie, Lindley, and Jacksel over for a sleepover – 3 kids who have stolen our hearts. Although, really the sleepover didn’t start until 5AM. Here's the story...

ronnie lindley jacksel

We received a call from Oscar, their dad, at 2:45AM that Arlen was having severe abdominal pain, which is rather worrisome as she is 8 1/2 months pregnant. We hopped in the car, begging God to protect the baby the whole way, made the 15-20 minute drive in 10 minutes (Praise the Lord!), picked up this precious family of 5 and headed to the hospital.


Arlen was being examined for quite awhile, and we waited in the waiting room. I think I have blogged about Oscar before, but we have a great deal of respect for him. In a culture where fathers are generally absent, this man loves and serves his family faithfully. He is a great father, a great husband and has set an excellent example for his 3 (almost 4) kids, not to mention the 200-300 kids and 40-60 youth he ministers to at our church each week.


After Arlen was examined, it was decided that she would have the baby now. The doctor who would be delivering baby Sidney was walking on his way to the hospital. We sat outside and waited a little while with them (and took this picture, which we thought would be their last as a family of 5), but then decided to take the kids to our house so they could get a little sleep.


We got to our house around 4:45AM and set up a bed next to ours. Lindley was so sad, on the verge of tears, and refused to take her shoes off because I think she knew it meant we weren’t going right back to the hospital to be with mom and dad. I eventually got them off and laid down with her awhile. Then, I remembered how much she loved to take pictures and look at herself afterwards, so I pulled out the camera. And Chase pulled out some silly faces. Together, we helped ease her tension a bit and got a few laughs, but what really made her feel at home and fall asleep was when she crawled over Ronnie to 6 year old Jacksel (in the red shirt) who proceeded to hold her, pat her back and sing her to sleep. I almost cried but instead, praised God for allowing me to witness the genuine love of Christ through a 2 year old and a 6 year old. Chase and I were so worried about them and Arlen and Sidney that we didn’t really sleep the rest of the night, but I think that the kids did sleep well.


The kids slept from about 5-8 and then we got up and Chase made them some eggs and toast, Kristina cut up some watermelon for them, and then Beckett shared all of his toys while we awaited news on Arlen, Oscar, and baby Sidney. The call came – Sidney had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, which caused her to not be able to move or breathe, which caused pain for Arlen. (That is so cool that God designed the body so that mothers can feel pain when their baby is in danger.) So the plan was to move Arlen to another hospital today so that she could have the baby there. A little while later, another call came. The decision was made to wait until tomorrow, have an ultrasound to find out the baby’s position – if it doesn’t look good, she will have a C-section that day, if it looks fine, baby Sidney will be induced and born the next day, Saturday. After speaking with Arlen this afternoon, she said that she has felt the baby moving again, so we think God has freed the baby from the cord - Praise God!


We have come to love Arlen, Oscar, Jacksel, Ronnie, Lindley, and soon-to-be Sidney as if they were our own family. They love and serve the Lord with all their hearts. We see Christ at work in and through them and we are so grateful He has blessed us with their friendship. Will you please join us in praying for this precious family? Will you pray for a normal, natural birth for Arlen and that Sidney would be a healthy baby?

Also, I just want to point out a few things we can praise God for.

1) Oscar speaks Spanish (obviously) but is learning English. When we got the call at 2:45, Chase wasn’t going to pick up, but decided he would and if the person spoke Spanish, he would assume it was a wrong number and hang up. Oscar spoke English the whole conversation.

2) Until this year in Nicaragua, nobody has been allowed in the room with the woman while she is having her baby. Oscar has never been able to be with Arlen to help and support her or to see their babies be born. The rules changed this year, and for the first time, he will get to see Sidney come into this world. He is so excited, but also very nervous! Pray for strength, wisdom and peace for him for either Friday or Saturday!


  1. I will be praying for this family.

    Thank you for praying for our friend Chrissie.

  2. they are the cutest!!! what fun, can we do that when we come in a few weeks :)

  3. I have been meaning to message you and ask if Arlen had her baby yet. I will definitely be praying for them. So awesome that you are there to help them and to minister to them in this time of great need. That is such a sweet story about Jacksel. Will look for an update.

  4. Great blog post!
    Also, love the new look! I love it all - your pic, the background, the continents...nice!


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