Monday, May 31, 2010

we love visitors!

Warning: there might be a shameless plug (or two) in this blog to try to get you to come visit us. That being said, right now, Mike McCullough is here for a few days! For those of you who don’t know Mike, he is David’s (Chase’s brother) best friend and a friend of ours as well. He is the Youth Pastor at Woodcreek Church in Dallas and we feel so blessed that he was able to take off a few days to come down here to hang out and see our lives and ministries here. He was able to visit Nicaragua Christian Academy on Friday with David and meet a lot of his students and co-workers. Also, David and Mike came to NiƱos de Vida, our Saturday morning kids service. It was really cool to have them come so that they could meet our co-workers and about 200 of our kids! Also, our kids were really excited about meeting them and hanging out with them as well. [But maybe not as excited as they would be to meet YOU if you come to see us!]


Friday night we went to a restaurant here called La Finca (Spanish for “the farm”), that is owned by an NCA student’s parents. It is a really great Nica restaurant with excellent meats, gallo pinto (rice and beans – the classic Nicaraguan dish), and tostones (a fried green plantain slice with a small square of Nicaraguan cheese on top). While most of their food is delicious, there is this small cheese ball that they put on top of the gallo pinto that is less than desirable. (much less.)


After dinner, David thought we should play the “thumbs” game (essentially a process of elimination) to see who would have to eat it. Chase, Kristina, and I politely declined. After some attempted-but-failed-coercing, the only logical solution was that both Mike AND David should eat it (luckily, we had two).



Above you can see their responses. I had some chicken, potato, and gallo pinto left on my plate, and they devoured my leftovers trying to get the taste out of their mouths. It was humorous from the glad-I-didn’t-eat-that point of view. [If you come to visit, we might take you to La Finca for some delicious food, and we won’t even make you eat the nasty cheese!]


It hasn’t all been fun and games though! The church we attend on Sunday mornings, International Christian Fellowship, or ICF, has several music teams that trade off each week. This week, was David and Chase’s teams turn. Mike, being the musically talented guy that he is, stepped right in and joined their team. This reminded me of when we first moved here. Our first Sunday, David invited Chase to play keyboard with his music team, which he was more than happy to do, as he really missed playing with the Wildwood worship team in Oklahoma. Anyways, Mike did an excellent job and it was so encouraging to worship with a friend from home – it brought me back to the days of high school youth group. It’s been great to have Mike here, and we are looking forward to a day at the beach with him tomorrow. Chase and I plan to do some improving on our body-boarding skills (although we hope to avoid an injury such as the one incurred by Chase’s mom while she here in November – she cracked her ribs!) [If you come visit us, we will probably take you to the beach, teach you our new skills, and do our best to prevent such rib-cracking-incidents.]

Okay, maybe that was three shameless plugs. See you soon?

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