Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chocolate Milk in a Bag

I thought it would be appropriate to share with you one of life’s little pleasures here.  It’s chocolate milk in a bag.  A lot of things can come in a bag here that you might not expect—regular milk, sour cream, some hot meals, water, ice cream, or even a soda you purchase from a street vendor if it originally came in a glass bottle or if you want to share with your friends.

Learning to use such bags can be tricky, but as the “packaging” is cheaper than a carton, it can also be a preferable option.  Take, for example, this little bag of chocolate milk (mm, i just took a sip and it was delicious!).  I recently discovered that a pint/bag of it costs only 30 cents, so I’ve been buying about one a week.  The contained goodness fits perfectly in the pictured glass, which is fortunate, because I’m not sure how I would set it down if it did not.  The trick is to cut/tear/bite off the corner and then pour.  This can be quite difficult, especially as the bag changes shape and weight as it empties, but fortunately tonight I did not make a mess.

Drinking straight from a bag is even trickier, and I haven’t mastered it yet.  Many times the torn corner has come out of my mouth while drinking and I’ve gotten water all over myself.  Oh well—such is the life of a gringo in Nicaragua.


By now, I hope I have you saying, “Dang! Where can I buy a bag of leche con chocolate?”  Well, you know where to find me.

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