Saturday, June 5, 2010

Niños de Vida with the Wildwood Team

Here are some pictures of the kids, the team, and the service! Enjoy!

IMG_3138 Hanging out before the service started

IMG_3145 Loving on the kids!

IMG_3155The kids LOVE to have their picture taken, especially with gringos!

 IMG_3159 About to start an egg toss game

IMG_3162 Jeremy teaching a lesson about God providing manna and water from the rock through Moses for the Israelites

IMG_3168 A few pirates came out to help us with a balloon stomp game.

IMG_3170Eating lunch together after the service

IMG_3171 Practicing the drama they will perform at our youth service tonight

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  1. me parece que hace muchísimo calor.. verdad? todos sudando sin parar.. para la próxima les recomiendo hacer la visita en marzo o diciembre! de toda manera me alegra verles juntos- si tienes razón cuando digas que visita de amigos es preciosa. dile a kelly "saludos" porfa y que espero que a ella le guste toda la comida nica lo que es una de las mas ricas del mundo! (no se pica como la comida del india y pakistan y países así).

    also I hope you understood-- sorry i just got thinking in spanish and now its nearly as easy for me to write in español que en ingles.


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