Monday, June 7, 2010

Prayer for Bill Fix

If you know Chase and I very well, you have probably heard of Bill Fix. He is a man that is very special and important to us. Though he has not been able to walk for about 25 years, he has spent most of that time in prayer and ministry to others. He loves Jesus with all of his heart, and he loves others the best that he can. He is faithfully leading the prayer ministry at Wildwood, our church in Norman, OK, and is a constant encouragement to those around him. We received this e-mail a few minutes ago and would like to ask you all to join us in praying for Bill today as he has surgery to amputate his right leg.

Dear Prayer Team,

Our dear friend Bill Fix is on his way into surgery right now to amputate his right leg.  This is the result of the various infections he has in the leg and this is the best treatment option.  Since he will be in surgery today (and probably in ICU after surgery), today may not be a good day to visit.  I talked with Daphne today and she relayed that they love seeing people and do not want to say "no visitors" but with the surgery and post-surgery stuff, they may not be available today.  Though we cannot all be present in the operating room physically, we know God is there, and we can take our requests before Him to act.  The surgery is getting started right now, so if you can, please pray right now for Bill, Carolyn, Daphne, and Joe.  Pray for:

1.  Successful surgery with no complications.
2.  Healing after the surgery with no more infections.
3.  Returned overall health and stamina for Bill.
4.  Rest.
5.  Comfort and peace for Bill and family.
6.  God to be glorified in it all.

I'll update you after the surgery.  I am headed up there right now.

In Christ,

Mark Robinson

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