Friday, June 25, 2010

Questions from a 3 year old

A lady from our church, Wildwood, in Oklahoma recently sent us an e-mail with questions from her 3 year old son. Each time they get our newsletter, they read it together and talk about our ministry here and look at his map of the world to see where we are at. I was amused by his questions and thought I would share them with you! (Don’t you just love kids?) My personal favorites were 1 and 2, but 5 is a pretty great question also. Enjoy!

1. Do you have any play-doh.

We don't have play-doh, but that is a good idea! Maybe we should buy some this summer when we are home to bring back and show the kids here what it is!

2. Do you have any food?

We do have food. They have a grocery store here that is similar to Wal-mart but with a lot less options. We eat a lot of bananas, pineapple, rice and beans. We can also make some of our favorite meals from the States, like tacos, nachos, lasagna, soup, and lots of chicken and beef dishes. Nicaraguan food includes a lot of plantains (similar to bananas), rice, beans, beef, cabbage, and yucca. We like Nicaraguan food, but we also like to eat food that we're used to!

3. Do you have a computer?

We do have a computer! I am typing on it to you right now. It has been very helpful to us so we can talk with our friends and family in the States!

4. Is the weather hot and muggy in Nic?

The weather is hot and muggy in Nicaragua. It cools down a bit during the rainy season (right now), but it is more humid (or muggy) now because of the rain. We don't have a dryer and we hang up our clothes to dry outside on a clothesline. This is difficult to do during the rainy season, because the rain keeps getting our clothes wet over and over again!

5. Do you have chairs and a fireplace?

We do have chairs, but no fireplace. As much as I love fireplaces, I don't think we would even use one here if we had one, because it is hot all the time! While it is snowing in Oklahoma around Christmas time, we are wearing shorts and flip flops here in Nicaragua. It is pretty warm here all year round.

6. I have a  big map in my room " (when he says big, he means floor to ceiling wall paper that covers half the room!) "and  we can see Nica. on the map. We are praying for you. Maybe we'll see you at church when you are home on vacation."

We would love to see you all when we are home. Thank you for praying for us and thank you for all of the great questions! Let us know if you have any more!

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