Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Saturday: Niños de Vida and Nuevete

IMG_3670Saturday was an exciting day of ministry. The team had spent time with many of the kids who come throughout the week, so they were excited to see their new friends once again. Lindley, Oscar and Arlen’s 2 year old girl, had just gotten her cast off a few days before. Sami was helping her practice walking, as she’s having to re-learn how to walk correctly.

IMG_3689 Normally, there are about 1o staff members and volunteers to help on Saturday morning, but having an additional 1o was a great help to us! The normal staff found that we were not nearly as tired as we usually are after Saturday morning services.

IMG_3691  The team also helped us fill in several character roles during the service. Matt Hunt came out as the beisbolista, or baseball player. (We wanted to have a soccer player in honor of the World Cup, but we don’t have a soccer uniform to use!)Image3

Matt Rushing came out as the Ancianito, or the o ld man who has been around since Bible times to help Jeremy with the story. Nathan Cole, Luke Henry, and Jon Lilley came out as giants from Numbers 13, as the story was about the 12 spies.  Image1 Luke again came out as the great Italian Chef to help us with the memory verse. We had one boy and one girl and they had to say the memory verse, Revelation 15:3, but each time, they had to add a marshmellow into their mouths. It was quite humorous to watch!

IMG_3705 Jon Lilley came out as the pirate to help us with a game of bowling, involving a soccer ball, and several 3-liter coke bottle “pins”.  The service went really well, and we had several kids and moms come who had come to our mid-week service on Wednesday! We are excited about pursuing these relationships with our neighbors further!

IMG_3713 Saturday evening, the team joined us for Nuevete, the youth service. They played soccer outside before the service started. Image2

Laura Minjares was able to share her testimony with the youth – in Spanish! Kathy Pacheco, one of the translators who helped the team out, translated it into English so the team could understand as well. Jon Lilley shared during the lesson time about how we can have peace with God. The youth kids paid close attention to what the Lord was sharing through Jon. After the service the team and the One by One staff enjoyed their last night by going out to eat together.

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