Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sunday was an eventful day! The Wildwood team attended church with the One by One staff at International Christian Fellowship, or ICF, which is a fellowship of many missionaries, teachers, embassy workers, etc. During the service, we were also able to skype in to both services at Wildwood; once with Chase and I and the whole Wildwood team, and the other time with Chase, me and Dave Robbins, Wildwood’s youth pastor and leader of the team.
IMG_3213After church, we all headed over to Huembes market to do some shopping for Nicaraguan treasures, which included some t-shirts for $2.50 each, some bracelets, magnets, backpacks and even a $6 pair of sunglasses for Dave.
IMG_3220 After our adventures at the market, we headed back to the mission house to prepare lunch, eat and fellowship together. The team was a great help in cutting up vegetables to eat with some hummus and chicken salad sandwiches.
IMG_3222 Sunday night the team came over to the Russell household for dinner, and they even got to swim for awhile in our complex’s pool. They all welcomed the temporary break from sweating! Again, they helped us prepare the tacos/taco salad dinner, and we all had a great time fellowshipping, playing games and learning more about each other. The evening was topped off by some delicious, homemade oatmeal craisin cookies made by David and Kristina Russell.

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