Saturday, June 5, 2010

They Made It!

The Wildwood youth team made it safe and sound here in Managua tonight! Though they were an hour late taking off for their first flight, by God’s grace they still made their connecting flight, and they arrived in Nicaragua on time and with all of their luggage – a great start to the week! They are joining us early in the morning for our NiƱos de Vida service and we are looking forward to what the Lord will do in and through this team this week! We are definitely excited to have our friends from Norman, Oklahoma here to minister with us this week.

IMG_3122 Riding in the 15-passenger van from the airport to the guesthouse

IMG_3123 Relaxing after a long day of travel

IMG_3124 the whole gang

We are really excited to have this team here serving with One by One this week! Check back each day for updates!

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