Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thursday: Work, Huembes, and Kristina’s Birthday Party

IMG_3613 Thursday morning and early afternoon, the Woodcreek team continued their work projects at House of Hope. Nathan, who is the construction mastermind, designed and saw to completion the rooftop structure for the trash area. Meanwhile, (and I don’t have pictures of this), some guys were mixing cement by hand, while the girls had to carry it over to where it was being used. Needless to say, the girls had sore backs after such a job. Since Sami is pregnant and shouldn’t be lifting and carrying concrete as such, I stole her away and we went to the store and then put together 300 gifts for the kids for Saturday. Kristina generously helped us even though it was her birthday!

IMG_3614 For lunch, we again got to hear a testimony, but this time it was the testimony of Oscar, who is April’s right-hand man at House of Hope. He is the only Nicaraguan man that many of these ladies who are coming out of prostitution trust, but he doesn’t have a history that he is proud of. His past is full of hatred, violence, drugs, abuse, and other horrible things. It all started when he was a young boy and he and his mother were forced to watch as his brother was brutally “executed” for trying to leave the war. Hearing testimonies like Oscar’s remind me that our God HAS to be real, because if he wasn’t there is NO way a man like Oscar would be following him and serving him with his whole heart and his whole life right now. What a powerful testimony he has of the healing and redemption found through the blood of Christ.

IMG_3619After finishing up the work projects, the team headed over to Huembes, one of the local markets, to buy some souvenirs. Later that night, they came over to help us celebrate Kristina’s 30th birthday! Orell, Chase and David’s mom, had sent down one of her delicious carrot cakes with Mike McCullough when he came to visit a few weeks ago and even though we’d already begun eating it a few days later, we lit it up anyway and sang to her to help bring in year 30!

IMG_3620 We also played a fun game of Catch Phrase and got to hear about some of the ways the team members have been impacted by their time in Nicaragua.

IMG_3623 It was another great time of fellowship, and we, the Russells, were so encouraged by this team, their visit to come see us, and their desire to be a part of ministry in Nicaragua!

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