Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday: Day of Rest

I’m a little behind on blogging, as we’ve all been a little sick, but I want to share about the rest of the Woodcreek trip with you all. To read about the trip from the team members point of view and see some great pictures taken by Clint, who came down to photograph life and ministries in Nicaragua, visit the 20s team blog here.
Tuesday, we went to the beach with our Texan friends. We were trying to go to a place we knew of, but the road there was muddy and after spending several minutes slipping and sliding all over the place in the 15 passenger van, we decided to get out while we still could (it was continuing to rain!) and try to find another entrance to the beach. Thankfully, we did and it was even the same place the 20s group had gone to last year.
IMG_3568 IMG_3575
The food was really good! It took about an hour for the food to be ready (perhaps they had to go fishing first?) and the fish came out with teeth and eyes intact! We ordered everything from chicken to lobster to fish, and even delicious tostones, a Nicaraguan appetizer that includes a fried plantain base with a delicious Nica cheese cube on top.

David (Chase’s brother) and Kathy, one of his students at Nicaragua Christian Academy who joined the team for the week as a translator, ate the fish eyeballs. Just for fun.
We rented some body boards and had a great time out in the ocean, despite the persistent rain! The water was brown, at times, due to “iodine”. Overall, we had a great day relaxing, swimming, playing dominoes, and fellowshipping together! Some of the team members were even able to give a Bible and some words of Truth to a man who spoke English and helped us rent the body boards.

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