Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wednesday: Work and Kids Program

Wednesday began with a few work projects at House of Hope, including making a roof covering for the trash disposal area to keep it from getting flooded, and also hand mixing cement to help fill in the foundation for the expansion of the dining hall.                  

IMG_3595Clint and Matt getting the buckets to put the cement in


During lunch, we were able to hear some of the testimonies of the women and girls, including Tatyana and Bertha pictured above, who live at House of Hope. It was a powerful and emotional time for the team.


On Wednesday afternoon, we headed back to the church for a mid-week service with kids from the neighborhood. Up to this point, our focus has been to certain neighborhoods where we have Nicaraguan contacts to help us out, but we have been desiring to reach out more into our neighborhood. Monday after the day camp with the House of Hope girls, the team helped us walk around our neighborhood and invite kids to this special service today. We typically have about 10 kids from the neighborhood at our Saturday services each week, and we were hoping to have about 30 kids at our mid-week service for them, but we ended up having 85 kids! It was a great service, and we were also able to meet several parents and families from the neighborhood. It was an incredible blessing to have the help of the Woodcreek team in expanding our ministry in this way.

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