Wednesday, July 21, 2010

good to be back

marcos and alma

A few days before we left, we saw lots of pictures and videos of the kids here, and Chase and I both started to get a little homesick for these sweet little faces! We had bought some gifts for several of the kids and were way excited to give them to them (the price is just right at Wal-mart, ya know?). We got to see Pastor Antonio’s kids, Alma and Marcos, today and give them their babydoll and nerf gun, and they seem to love them! When we left this afternoon, Alma was rocking her babydoll in her arms, and Marcos was shooting nerf darts all over the church. It is so good to see them again, and to hear Alma’s precious laugh when we tickle-attack her! We are excited to hopefully see Oscar, Arlen, Jacksel, Ronnie, Lindley, and Sidney tomorrow and give them their fun gifts as well!

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