Friday, July 23, 2010

Mold, $1,006.30, and Diana

mold I have lots of things I want to blog about so I decided to put 3 of them all into one post. Above you will see a picture of what welcomed us home to Nicaragua, our new friend, the mold. It made itself right at home while we were gone, settling onto hats, shoes, all of Chase’s clothes and half of mine, and even our pots and pans. And that’s so far. I’m sure it is hiding in other, yet to be discovered places. As I’ve never dealt with mold before and we hit the ground running once we arrived, I haven’t disposed of its fuzziness yet. Any advice on how to do so?

refuge_logo Second, while we were in the States, we were raising money for a new part of One by One’s ministry called “The Refuge Project”. The final total is in and we were able to raise $1,006.30, which will help buy bunk beds, sheets, towels, etc for the kids who will be living at the church with us in the not-too-distant future! We’re excited! Thank you to everyone who purchased coffee, came to Chick-fil-A, or just gave a donation – we appreciate you and your support of this new ministry!

 IMG_4333 If you read our blog back in March, you may remember Diana. If not, you should refresh yourself on this sweet girl’s history. I met her at House of Hope in March and she came to our services for several weeks. However, she left House of Hope to go back and live with her family, and I hadn’t seen her in a long time. Over the last few months, I’ve thought about her often, praying that she was safe and well. Today, we were in the Los Martinez neighborhood with Oscar and Arlen, and Diana was there! I had no idea she lived in that neighborhood, but I was SO happy to see her! I didn’t let her go until we had to leave, and I was able to talk with her a little bit. She seems happy, and says that her parents and 7 siblings are doing well. She said her parents and sister (though she doesn’t know how old her sister is) are all working, but she doesn’t know what they do. Though this makes me concerned, I asked her if she is happy and if she feels safe at home and she said yes. I made her promise she would come to the service tomorrow, so I hope to see her and talk to her some more! If you prayed for her back in March, thank you, and please continue to pray that the Lord would keep Diana safe and protect her and that she would never again be exploited!


  1. Mold- umm yuck! Sorry to hear that awaited your arrival. That's so great you reconnected with Diana!

  2. If mold stains have already set in, there are a number of steps to follow. Ideally, the mold stains should be caught as soon as possible, before the organism has had a chance to dig in. Bring the mold stained clothing outside and brush it out, to prevent spores from spreading around your home. Clothing that has been stored in proximity to the mold stained clothing should also be taken out and aired, and wiping down the shelf, drawer, or closet where the clothing was kept with a mild bleach solution will kill any spores floating in that environment.

    The next step is to leave the clothing in the sun to dry out, because heat and sunlight kill many varieties of mold. Hang the clothing from a clothes line so that it remains well ventilated and the sunlight falls evenly across most of the garment. Mold stains will likely still remain, because fungus discolors fabric.

    Presoak the mold stains in cold water, and then wash hot or warm with detergent. Check the garment before putting it in the dryer to make sure that the mold stains are gone, and wash it again if necessary. Drying the garment in the sun to kill any remaining spores is advised. If the mold stains persist, blot the area with a mild bleach solution, if possible, and launder it again. For colored fabrics, use a lemon juice and salt solution and rinse with cold water immediately.


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