Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oscar and Arlen’s NEW house

IMG_4281the front of the house

IMG_4265the back of the house

If you aren’t sure who our friends Oscar and Arlen are, you can read about them here, here, and here. As I mentioned in a previous post, there is a team from a church in Canada that saw the house that Oscar and Arlen were living in (in very poor condition) with their kids, and desired to bless them with a brand new house! Well, construction has been going on for the last couple months, and their house is so awesome! It’s huge, and they all love it! Before, they had 2 adults and 4 kids in a house about the size of a medium-sized bedroom in the States, but now they will have 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living area, a small porch, a tile floor, and even a place where we can park our car beside the house!

IMG_1190 This is definitely an upgrade from the single-room, dirt-floor, no-bathroom, kitchen, or living area house they had before (pictured above).

IMG_4267left: Oscar and Arlen’s room  middle: bathroom  right: Lindley and Sidney’s room

IMG_4284left: bathroom  middle: girls' room  right: Jacksel and Ronnie’s room  far right: front door

As we’ve talked through them having a new house, they are so excited and grateful to God, knowing that He has blessed them with this incredible blessing, only so they can bless others with it.  We’ve daydreamed about drinking coffee together in rocking chairs on their front porch. And the kids are excited to have their “own” rooms (one room for the boys, one room for the girls). And Oscar and Arlen will have their own room for the first time ever!

IMG_4285looking at the back of the house; the kitchen will be on the left

IMG_4287new house on the left; old house where Oscar is staying on the right

But the process has not been as easy as they hoped. The house is located in the  “Los Martinez” neighborhood that is only about a kilometer from La Chureca, and is extremely poor. The police did not believe the story about the missionary team from Canada coming to build the house for the family just because God wanted to bless them, thinking that the only way a family could upgrade from their previous house to the new one was if they were selling drugs. So Oscar and Canadian Pastor Andy had to go to the police station with signed paperwork, receipts, etc, to prove the crazy story of God’s provision. In addition, Oscar has to sleep at the house each night (in their old house) to protect it from thievery. Two nights ago, some masked thieves, attempting to steal construction materials, brought along a pistol, which they pointed at Oscar as he ran behind the house screaming for the neighbors to wake up and help. Thankfully, the thieves were scared away. The house will hopefully be done in a couple weeks, and although we love having our friends at the church with us where we work (where they are living in between houses), we can’t wait for the house to be finished and secure so they can move in and enjoy God’s blessing!

IMG_1609 Please pray for Oscar, Arlen, and their 4 kids, Jacksel, Ronnie, Lindley, and Sidney:

- that God would protect Oscar from harm and the construction materials from being stolen as the house is being finished, and that the house would finish on time

- that when they move in, it would not create a divide between them and their neighbors, but that they would be able to continue to minister and share Christ’s love in this neighborhood where He was placed them

- Coming from a small house, this family doesn’t own much at all. Pray for God to provide the furniture and things they need for their new house. (I find myself missing craigslist, garage sales, and IKEA right now! Furniture here is really expensive!)   

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