Thursday, July 29, 2010


Paul is here and we are so glad to have him!IMG_4585 If you don’t know Paul Fazio, he is from our church in Dallas, Woodcreek Church. Growing up in the youth group, Paul was one of our leaders. He was awesome, fun, dedicated, and a really great friend to us. While he’s been doing ministry for a long time, he’s never done it full-time. A couple years ago, the Lord began calling him towards international missions, and ultimately to Nicaragua to work with us for One by One, where he will be the Go Programs director. Today was his first day in the office (after arriving in Nicaragua last night!). In the coming weeks, he will be getting settled here, helping with the Discover Church team, and then diving into Spanish classes. As a side note, the vehicle that we purchased back in March is Paul’s vehicle as well – we split the cost, and as we’ll be living in the same apartment complex, and working in the same place, we are hoping that this will be a beneficial arrangement for us, at least for awhile. We have really enjoyed hanging out with Paul the last 24 hours and look forward to what lies ahead. How cool is it that God has worked in such a way that Paul used to be ministering to us, but now we will be ministering beside each other?

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  1. Welcome to your new home, Paul. God's blessings on you and the work you will do for Him.


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