Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer in the States

I had every intention of blogging while in the U.S. but alas, I did not. Thus, I will sum up our 3 busy, long, wonderful weeks in the shortest post possible. It might not be that short, but I started with 306 pictures, and got it down to 11. If you want to see more, check out my facebook page, as I’ll be adding more pictures there soon.

With no further ado, some highlights from our trip:

IMG_3854 We got to eat at Reunion Tower in Dallas (a.k.a. the big ball) with my dad and brother.

IMG_3896 We went to visit Chase’s family in Austin over July 4th – 20 adults, 4 kids, lots of fun!

IMG_3921 Barry, Tess, and our nephew Hudson were in Dallas for a week – isn’t he the cutest?

IMG_4017 We got to spend time with good friends (and eat delicious food!)

IMG_4021We had 4 different speaking events, including to the Woodcreek Jr. Highers in Dallas.

IMG_4032I taught my nephews to play the piano. They’ll be having their first recital at Christmas.

IMG_4113 I was able to help celebrate baby Lilley at a shower for Samantha.

IMG_4153 We flew to Denver to hang out with some of our best friends, Eric and Nicole.

IMG_4157We went to Norman and were graciously hosted by the Millers and the Warrens. IMG_4165a

We had a fundraiser at Chick-fil-A for The Refuge Project. Between this and selling Nica coffee, we raised over $900 to help with this new One by One ministry that we are so excited about. (If you haven’t already, check out the website!)

IMG_4184Last but not least, I wanted to show off my husband’s skills. For his first major design project, I think these posters that we used at Chick-fil-A turned out really well! 

In 5 words, our time at home was… refreshing. busy. wonderful. fun. encouraging.

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