Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alma is 5!

Alma is an adorable little girl (Pastor Antonio’s daughter) who lives at Camino de Vida. We love this arrangement because we get to see her all the time. She has the best laugh and loves to be tickled. Today, Alma turned 5 and we gave her a barbie doll for her birthday, which she loved. Also, my friend Amy Frederick from Wildwood Community Church in Norman gave me several pillow-case dresses while we were home this summer to give out to little girls. I gave one to Alma about a month ago, but her mom made her save it to wear on her birthday. So here it is making its debut…isn’t it (and she!) so precious? We just love her.

IMG_5069IMG_5068 So…Happy Birthday Alma! And thank you Amy for making such cute dresses for me to give out. The girls here love them!!

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