Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dancing with the Easter Bunny

We had Oscar and Arlen’s kids (Jacksel, Ronnie, and Lindley) over on Friday afternoon (baby Sidney stayed home with mom and dad), and as they are all pretty much obsessed with Beckett and talk about him all the time, they absolutely loved it. Although, I’m sure that part of their fascination with Beckett has to do with his multitude of toys, including the Easter bunny in the video below. We used to find the bunny annoying, until Beckett started dancing to it…now we all find ourselves wandering over to push his magical music hand so we can see Beckett’s mad skills (including the squat-and-glide-side-to-side move). I don’t have a good Beckett dancing video yet, but Lindley is pretty adorable as well. She’s pretty good for a 2 year old – check it out below.

We also went swimming in our apartment pool with Kristina, Paul, Chase, Beckett, myself, and the kids. They hadn’t ever been in a pool that big (it’s about the size of a regular neighborhood pool in the States) and they had a great time (as did we!)
IMG_5041 When we took the kids home, we got to see Oscar and Arlen’s newly painted house (Oscar had been painting it all day)! Doesn’t it look great? They’ve now slept there 2 nights, although they haven’t moved their things out of the church yet. We are so excited for them and this incredible blessing the Lord has given them. (To read about the background on their house, click here.) They continue to struggle to make ends meet, so please join us in praying for this sweet family for God to provide for all of their needs, including furniture for their house!


  1. I join you in praying for provision of furniture and other material goods for the house. I have enjoyed catching up on your blog, and I expect to keep up on it in the future. I pray for you all and your ministry also. Love to you.

  2. God has totally been providing! Through gifts from family and other people, they now have stove burners, a small fridge, and a microwave!


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