Thursday, August 5, 2010

Discover Team

IMG_4729A team arrived today from Discover Church in Greenville, South Carolina (the church that started One by One). It’s a small group of 7 guys and 2 girls. Their flight got in at 11, so they came to the church, where we ate lunch and then we headed out to play with kids in the neighborhoods. A small group went with Jeremy to the Oriental Market and the rest of us went to Siete Sur, a neighborhood that we have only recently begun to visit. 
IMG_4741Though we don’t have a contact person for Siete Sur like we do with Los Martinez and the Oriental Market, we do have Noelia. She’s a sweet little girl who walks around with us to greet kids and parents and invite them to our Saturday morning kids services.
IMG_4738While we were there with our team of gringos, we came across another team of gringos. They’re a family from Ohio, that started with one construction worker. He came to Nicaragua, saw the typical Nicaraguan “home”, and decided he wanted to make a difference. He has been back 11 times in the last three years, each time bringing a construction team (mostly his family members) with him to build a home for a Nicaraguan family. Each time upon returning to the States, he begins to save and raise money for his next trip down. The “family” that they are building a house for this trip consists of one little girl and her 3 younger siblings. Their mom died a year and a half ago from cancer, and their dad has never been a part of the picture. They’ve been sleeping on the dirt floor and when it rains, the water comes sweeping through the house. The team has built wooden beds raised from the floor for these kids, along with a much sturdier and safer home. What an incredible blessing! A lady from their team (who has undergone multiple cancer surgeries in the last 3 years, and who brought her mother, who has just finished with chemo and radiation treatment) introduced us to many of the families they have built houses for. We invited all the kids to our services, including Nicole, pictured above. We hope to see her Saturday and are excited to continue building relationships with these new families!
IMG_4753 As we were finishing handing out invitations and hanging out with the kids, it started to pour! We ran back to the van, but we had ventured far off so we had a ways to go and got completely wet! Ileana and I thought it would be a good time for a crazy “we’re completely soaked” picture. I hope you enjoy it. Anyways, we’re looking forward to the rest of the week with the Discover team.

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