Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Little Things

Lately, we have been praising God for 1some of the little things we have seen him do. One of which is that a volunteer that works with Camino de Vida recently had her cell phone stolen. As there was no money to replace the phone, she has gone without for the last month. Though the details are a bit muddy, her phone was actually returned this week! We are thankful that we serve a God who constantly provides for us!

Also, we have a boy, who is known as “El Gato”, who has been attending our youth group for quite awhile. A few weeks ago when we were visiting him and the kids in his neighborhood, we accidentally left behind our soccer ball. As he has been known as a thief and tends to be one of the causes of danger in this particular neighborhood, we didn’t expect to see the ball ever again. However, the following Saturday, he came running up to Jeremy to return the ball, proud of his honesty and good care of it. We are so excited to see God changing the hearts and lives of the kids and youth through Camino de Vida. 

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