Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Painting!

Monday, the team worked hard at all the detail work of painting the church!

IMG_4871 Richard finishing the bottom border

IMG_4882Paul painting part of the steps

IMG_4883 IMG_4889 Today they also added the purple to the posts! And Sean and Megan were working hard on the backside of the building.

IMG_4896After we finished painting for the day, we split into 4 teams to hand out invitations for a special service we are having Wednesday afternoon for the kids that live in the neighborhoods surrounding the church

Monday evening we were able to fellowship together and hear from Mike Havlin, Jeremy’s dad, who has been a missionary for many years in several countries. We heard about the hardships (snakes, power outages, spiders, eating grubs, etc) and the joys (seeing lives changed and ministry multiply). It was a great time of learning about God’s work in other places around the world, and seeing how we can be used if we trust in God and are willing to go wherever he calls us! Thank you Mike for being willing to share with us!

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