Friday, August 6, 2010

Painting, Prepping, and Practicing

The Discover team has been busy serving at Camino de Vida today. The messiest job they’re doing, by far, is painting the outside of the church! Right now, they are painting it bright lime green, and later next week, they’ll be painting the posts a plum (purple) color. The colors are bright and fun, and very Nicaraguan!IMG_4761

Along with painting, they put together 500 gift bags to give out at our Saturday Niños de Vida service. They also made 45 to give to the girls at House of Hope, where we will be having an event this afternoon. IMG_4770

And the last thing we did this morning was practice for Saturday morning’s service. Below, you’ll see Jeremy teaching about forgiveness, using the story of Joseph (Jacksel on the chair throne) forgiving his brothers for selling him into slavery. (While Danny and Sean are bearing the prince on his royal folding chair, Ed and Richard serve as fierce bodyguards.)IMG_4780

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