Monday, August 9, 2010

Saturday Services

Saturday, the Discover team helped with both our kids service in the morning and our youth service in the afternoon.

IMG_4809  The team and missionary staff spending time together before the service

IMG_4849Team members and kids playing an egg toss game during the service

IMG_4851Ed, Danny, Sean and Richard aiding Jeremy with the lesson about forgiveness when Joseph forgave his brothers for selling him

IMG_4855The old man (Ed), the pirate (Michael), and the dog (Levi) playing musical chairs with the kids

IMG_4857 The kids getting ready to leave: we had about 400 kids Saturday morning! The team gave them each a gift bag with items they brought from the States.

The team also helped with the youth service, and Michael and Danny both shared their testimonies with the 50 youth that came. It was a wonderful time to worship together, study God’s Word and talk about what He’s done in our lives.

On Sunday, the team joined the missionary staff at ICF, or International Christian Fellowship, for church, and afterwards went shopping at the Market and enjoyed some rest and time of fellowship together.

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