Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday – Paint and Playtime

IMG_4904 IMG_4909 Tuesday the team finished up with the green and purple paint. They did 2 (and in some places 3) coats on the outside of the building and then painted a few of the rooms inside the church. The One by One staff is very grateful to the Discover team with their help in painting the building!


  The team and staff enjoyed lunch together and then we headed out to the Los Martinez neighborhood.

IMG_4926 We walked around to invite kids to come and play with us at the park nearby.

IMG_4933 And then we had a great time playing soccer, playing on the slide and teeter totter, and conversing with the kids and each other. (There had been a Nicaraguan circus camped out at the park for several weeks, and we are glad that it is finally gone, so that we can have our park back!)

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